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Global Blockchain Solution aims to become a pioneer in the blockchain development sector. Here, we provide uninterrupted and high-end blockchain development solutions to blockchain enthusiasts in order to allow them to craft their own metaverse.

Being a leader in the industry, we appreciate and reinforce individuals interested in facilitating global blockchain and crypto development. While spearheading the acceleration and cultivation of the blockchain community, we provide a platform for guest bloggers to contribute to the blog section of our website. Do you think you’ve got some grasp on the crypto and blockchain sector? This is your platform to demonstrate your prowess.

Perks of Writing for Us

Build an Authoritative Figure - Your blog will be on our platform forever, giving a constant boost to your content and establishing your brand. We strive to implement expert-led engagement strategies to ensure consistent coverage and growth. Discuss your ideas on blockchain-related issues with a global community.

Contribute to the Blockchain Space - Be a part of us by onboarding our platform and tapping on the opportunity to assist in blockchain growth and development. Let’s give your valuable knowledge, curiosity, and ideas a stage to showcase them to an entire community equipped with enthusiasm

Collaborative Intercommunication- The blockchain space is evolving and thriving, paving the way for unhindered collaborative initiatives, and we are here to promote the efforts utilized. Share your ideas with like-minded people on our platform by becoming a guest writer on our platform.

Whose Blogs GBS Will Consider

Who should write for us?

Acquainted in Blockchain - This goes without saying, as your blog will be assessed before publishing, and we’ll only accept high-quality, well-written, and structured blogs for our website.

A Fresher With Knowledge -You need not be a high-profile or professional writer to collaborate with us. Ensure your content’s authenticity, reliability, and thoroughness, and we’re good to go.

Aware of Keyword Stuffing - Keywords are tracked by crawlers leading to the page being shown on the top of SERPs. A good blog will have relevant keywords stuffed in the content in order to boost findability.

Submission guidelines

Ideally, your piece will have:

No Copyright Infringement - Every image, data, or graph utilized for informational purposes in the content must be either original or licensed. Also, it should be taken care of that no affiliate links are added to the content.

Valuable Content Pieces Only - A high-value content will be determined by headers, sub-headers, and bullet pointers to keep the information crisp and easy to grasp.

Give Credit Wherever Required -Be it any statement, report, or survey, the writer is required to adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Next Step ?

So, what’s stopping you from being a notable contributor to the ever-growing blockchain space? With Global Blockchain Solution being your stage, present what you’ve got in your mind in the most effective way, and we’ll carry forward your thoughts to the worldwide community to ponder upon. However, there are certain measures that we take before ensuring that your article is published, and they are:

Content Assessment - We want the best to be delivered to our audience, and that’s why we ensure that your content is assessed well and every feedback is worked upon with our editor’s approval.

Scheduled Publishment - Upon approval from our editors, your content piece will be scheduled for publication. We might not declare the exact date of publishing your articles, but we promise it will surely go live.

Complete Piece - We appreciate you sending the complete piece to us, not just the idea or a brief pitch. It should be noted that only original content will be accepted.

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