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We code secure smart contracts for DEXs, Wallets, NFTs, Yield Farming and dApps based on various blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and more.

Smart Contract Development
Why Smart Contract development is required

Why Smart Contract Development?

Do you want to experience transparency, security, accuracy, and automation at its best? Opt for smart contract development services by Global Blockchain Solution. The world is accepting smart contracts with open arms.

According to a Grand View Research report, the global smart contracts market size is valued at $684.3 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 82.2% from 2023 to 2030. Plus, with unparalleled security, savings, speed, and innovation made possible, no one can afford to fall behind - Can you?

So, why wait? Join the ranks of satisfied customers who are using our securely developed blockchain-powered smart contracts!

Understanding the Functioning of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing programs deployed on blockchains that encode the terms of an agreement and execute automatically when predefined conditions are met. But how are smart contracts developed, and how do they work? Here are the critical aspects involved in how smart contracts operate.

Encoding Business Logic function of Smart Contract

Encoding Business Logic

The smart contract code turns legal prose and business logic into an executable program, which defines all agreement conditions, parties, workflows, and outcomes.

Execution Through Transaction function of Smart Contract

Execution Through Transaction

The execution of a contract is event-driven - actions get triggered based on input data fed into the contract through transactions on the blockchain network.

Managing State function of Smart Contract

Managing State

Smart contracts maintain persistent data about the agreement in the form of state variables, which get updated automatically upon meeting conditions coded in transactions.

Public Verification function of Smart Contract

Public Verification

As smart contracts run on public blockchains like Ethereum, all participants can view transactions, events, and changes in state variables that reflect the execution process.

Trustless Automation function of Smart Contract

Trustless Automation

No manual intervention is required once deployed. Rules encoded into smart contracts get autonomously enforced through the decentralized blockchain network.

Key Features of Smart Contracts

Our seasoned smart contract developer crafts robust and airtight code, ensuring the impervious security of each smart contract. Not just security, our smart contract development company focuses on feature-rich contracts. Listed below are some of the key features of our smart contracts.

  • As a leading smart contract development company, we understand the need for customization options so users can get what they need.

  • Our smart contract software supports custom agreement terms, data structures, workflows, and specialized logic based on project needs.

  • Support for integration with external systems like data feeds and enterprise IT infrastructure.

  • Designed with modular architecture, allowing easy upgrades and modifications.

  • Our development process encompasses careful optimization of computation and storage for improved efficiency.

  • Minimization of expensive on-chain operations to reduce gas costs.

  • Our developer uses efficient data structures and algorithms to lower resource usage.

  • We use Layer 2 solutions to process the high volume of transactions off-chain and improve throughput.

  • Our smart contract development company makes deployment easy for experts and non-experts by providing simple deployment using our optimized installation wizards.

  • We dispatch detailed documentation and step-by-step user guides to lower barriers.

  • Each contract we deliver has intuitive dashboards and tooling for monitoring and control.

  • Customers receive ongoing maintenance and support for lifecycle needs.

  • Our smart contracts are built for enterprise-grade workloads and transaction volumes.

  • The smart contract developer utilizes horizontal scaling and sharding, allowing additional resources to handle growth.

  • Optimize smart contracts with parallel processing to divide complex computations into smaller tasks.

  • Multi-chain readiness with cross-chain interoperability for virtually unlimited capacity.

Key features of our Smart Contract

Our Top-Notch Smart Contract Development Services

Global Blockchain Solution pioneers smart contract development services by providing optimized, secure, and efficient solutions to clients from various industries. Our full-stack smart contract development company offers a wide variety of services, such as :-

Smart Contract Consulting service

Smart Contract Consulting

We offer expert guidance and advisory for designing, building, and launching secure and reliable contract systems.

Smart Contract Architecture service

Smart Contract Architecture

Our smart contract developer uses customized frameworks, components, integrations, and interfaces, enabling robust and scalable solutions.

Smart Contract Development service

Smart Contract Development

We build cutting-edge, automated smart contracts packed with advanced capabilities to meet unique requirements across diverse industries.

Smart Contract Audit service

Smart Contract Audit

Our developers investigate the logic behind your current contract and optimize it for more efficient performance. Our audits also include checking your base code for vulnerabilities and possible fixes.

Smart Contract Optimization service

Smart Contract Optimization

If your smart contract’s average gas fee is too high and uses extra computational resources, let our smart contract development company analyze and optimize it for better cost-effectiveness.

dApp Implementation service

dApp Implementation

We develop high-performing and super-responsive decentralized applications powered by smart contracts that enable brisk, seamless, and coherent interaction between all involved parties.

Crypto & Fiat integration service

Crypto & Fiat integration

We customize the smart contract development process to allow users to seamlessly embed crypto, fiat, and automated payments into workflows through API-driven infrastructure, helping unlock new revenue streams.

Crypto Wallet Integration service

Crypto Wallet Integration

We can help you integrate digital wallets, enabling users to safely store, manage, and transact tokens and digital assets within your application.

Crypto Exchange Integration service

Crypto Exchange Integration

Automate exchange transactions and asset flow by connecting platforms directly to smart contracts through oracles and custom APIs.

KYC Integration service

KYC Integration

Programmatically enforces KYC/AML policies by restricting access to only verified identities that meet compliance standards.

Why you need to choose Global Blockchain Solution Smart Contract Development Services

Why Choose Global Blockchain Solution for Smart Contract Development Services?

We boast our robust blockchain expertise that drives business transformation through secured automation, streamlined operations, and inventive new offerings.

Our established developer, architect, and consultant unlocks the full potential of self-executing code and distributed ledger technology. We implement unique solutions purposefully built for each client’s strategic goals and use cases. Here are key reasons for selecting us from the competition.

We are not new to blockchain! Our blockchain experts have contributed to the industry with their knowledge and expertise for years. Now, our team is on a mission to help users like you with secure smart contract development for any industry using platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Hyperledger, and more.

We don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Instead, we collaborate with you to meticulously analyze needs and goals to tailor a solution that seamlessly aligns with your vision.

We employ agile methodologies as well as continuous integration and delivery/deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to expedite the development procedure without compromising quality or security.

We sign an NDA to safeguard all information you share during the development process.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your smart contracts operate seamlessly throughout their lifecycle. We provide tech support, and future updates and optimize your smart contracts to align with evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Our Tech Stack for Smart Contract Development

Are you wondering what programming language is used for smart contracts? The programming languages used for smart contracts are Solidity, Vyper, Rust, and more. Here is the complete list of technologies we use to develop secure smart contracts.


















Quick Node

















The Graph




Trust Wallet







Our Smart Contract Development Process

The smart contract development process we follow to complete every project with a 100% success rate? You must be wondering that, right? Here’s the complete breakdown.


Defining Requirements

All business logic, rules, and workflows are documented upfront as specifications for the contract system.


Choosing Blockchain

Our smart contract developer selects the optimal blockchain like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, or any other platform per your requirement based on the transaction, speed, scalability needs, and consensus mechanism preferences.



Our coders then write secure and optimized lines of code for smart contracts in languages like Solidity, Python, Rust, Vyper, and more to translate the specifications into executable logic and functions.


Testing & Auditing

Our dedicated QA team performs extensive testing by simulating transactions and environments. Audits are done comprehensively to identify and fix weaknesses.


Formal Verification

We use formal verification tools to prove code logic and properties mathematically. This requires the deep expertise that our smart contract development company possesses.


Securing Deployments

Security best practices around access control, upgrades, monitoring, and fail-safes are implemented for real-world deployments by our smart contract developer.


Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing maintenance like fixes, improvements, feature additions, and technical support.

Real World Applications of Our Smart Contract Development Services







Identity Management

Identity Management

Supply Chain

Supply Chain





Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce







Real estate

Real estate

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials



Benefits of Smart Contract Development for Your Business

Our smart contract development company focuses on creating feature-packed smart contracts for you that bring with them tangible benefits. Below are some of the significant benefits our smart contracts offer.


Automated execution of smart contracts makes transactions instant, accelerating business velocities.


By removing middlemen and lawyers, smart contracts lower transaction costs and overheads.


We ensure precision coding, needing no human intervention at any stage of the contract's entire lifecycle. Plus, contracts are automated and need no mediator which eliminates the chances of human errors arising from manual processes.


Cryptographic security and predictable execution build trust between parties.


All participants can view contract logic, execution trails, and outcomes on public ledgers.


Encryption, formal verification, and access controls make contracts resilient.


Storage on tamper-proof blockchains prevents data loss even in case of systems failure.


Smart contracts allow decentralized, self-supervised operations without intermediaries.


Coded terms embedded in contracts simplify auditing and adherence.

Competitive Edge

First movers gain an advantage for being early adopters of smart contract-powered automation.


  • The four stages of development are requirement gathering, writing codes, rigorous testing and auditing, and deployment onto the desired blockchain network.

  • The four major parts of a smart contract are Prerequisites, Data, Storage, and Memory.

  • The person who deploys the smart contract for the first time is the owner. However, you can change the ownership by transferring or reconfiguring the ownership authority, even after deploying the contract. Therefore, if you wish to transfer the ownership to your partner, you can easily do that. Plus, you can also add multiple owners.

  • The smart contract development cost depends on various factors like - the size of the deployed code, blockchain platform used, market demand, and network congestion. Further, costs also vary from one smart contract development company to another based on the expertise level.

  • The best platforms for smart contracts are Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Cardano. However, these platforms differ in speed, costs, security level, compliance, tokens, and scalability capabilities. Therefore, one must choose a platform that satisfies the needs best and not based on popularity.

  • A simple example of a smart contract is transferring a real estate property to a buyer. You can add all the transfer details to the contract, information about the parties involved, and the terms of the sale.

  • A company that specializes in designing, programming, deploying, and managing smart contract functions is known as a smart contract development company.

  • The range of services offered by a blockchain expert, such as designing, programming, auditing, optimizing, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting, is commonly referred to as smart contract development services.

  • Smart contract developers design, code, test, and deploy self-executing programs on blockchains that enforce contractual conditions without third-party involvement.

  • Smart contract audit is the analysis of the code entered into the protocol of a contract. It identifies security vulnerabilities, suboptimal coding techniques, and inefficient sections of code so that solutions can be implemented to resolve the issues before deployment.

  • The different types of smart contracts are smart legal contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), and application logic contracts.

  • Nobody runs a smart contract because they self-execute automatically based on the software code and rules written into their protocol once deployed on a blockchain.

  • A smart contract developer is a blockchain expert who crafts architecture for new and existing contracts using smart contract software and different blockchain platforms.

  • The time required to complete smart contract development project varies between days and weeks, depending on the project's complexity. We always provide tentative delivery dates and share timely project updates with all our clients.

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