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Why NFT Marketplace?

Do you know? NFTs worth at least $17.6 billion were traded in 2021. This is ~21,500% more than what this figure was just a year before that. And, if you may think that this volume is driven exclusively by “crypto punks”, you may be factually wrong! Some of the world’s top brands, artists, public figures, and auction houses - including Coca-Cola, Gucci, Edward Snowden, Christie’s, Mike Shinoda, Tory Lanez, Jack Dorsey, and more - have joined the fast-growing NFT playground.

So, whether you’re a digital illustrator or a physical artist, whether you’re one of the world’s leading brand or a collector of sorts, whether you’re into arts & music or government, activism, or even business, the time to enter NFT is here.

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Understanding the Functioning of an NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace stores NFT assets and amalgamates a user-friendly interface with potent back-end properties reinforcing the underlying blockchain technology. Here are the factors involved in the proper functioning of an NFT marketplace. 


Crypto Wallets

A device used for storing the public and private keys of users while allowing management of crypto balances and assets transfer through blockchain.


Auctions and Sales

Similar to how auctions take place in real life, the NFT marketplace allows buyers and sellers to trade digital art by holding auctions. 


Smart Contracts

Codes written into a blockchain represent the terms of an agreement, allowing both parties to trust each other as the transaction protocol is intended to get executed automatically.


Costs of Operation

The overall operating cost is calculated by including the energy costs of facilitating the transaction on the network and converting money into cryptocurrency.

Key Features of Our White Label NFT Marketplace Platform

NFT marketplaces are equipped with several key features as they are expected to create a hassle-free user experience. This involves both front-end and back-end development. Here, we have listed the key features of our NFT marketplace platform. 

NFT Product Showcasing

  • Similar to the details of products you intend to purchase on eCommerce platforms, NFT buyers seek information regarding the documents’ authenticity. 

  • A user can search for products in accordance with his preferences by applying search filters such as creator, price, collection, etc.

  • A dedicated page for product details, reference to the creator, and history of purchases and bids.

  • Customizable NFT catalogues to illustrate the most popular collection, the most expensive items, the newest NFT products, etc.

NFT Trading

  • A flexible pricing feature allows NFT creators to list their assets for a fixed price, or they can choose to run a timed auction.

  • In order to facilitate marketplace monetization, a fixed marketplace fee is charged from the price of an NFT at the time of its purchase.

  • A royalty fee is charged in favor of the NFT creator each and every time an NFT is resold.

  • There are also multi-currency payments for NFTs and marketplace services through a mobile wallet, a digital wallet, or a credit card. 

Account Management

  • The marketplace has a user authentication facility through an email and password, a login from a digital wallet, social media log in, or multi-factor authentication.

  • Your user profile contains your personal information, the NFTs or digital assets you own, or the history of transactions.

  • There will be a seller profile where the buyer can have a look at his uploaded digital works.

Marketplace Governance

  • Each and every activity of a user on the marketplace is monitored as a part of the user profile management.

  • Features like content management take place with a simple page editor to upload, edit, and publish content.

  • The sales reports are generated automatically, and on the basis of that, the calculation of the marketplace profit takes place.

  • The dashboard will be backed by live chat support in order to assist marketplace users in solving issues related to technicality, transactions, and security.

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Our Top-Notch NFT Marketplace Development Services

We have honed our expertise and proficiency in order to facilitate the development of the best NFT marketplaces via various high-end services. Here are the top-notch NFT marketplace development services offered by us.


Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

Create your own NFT trading platform for people to purchase, sell, and mint their own NFTs.


Metaverse NFT Marketplace

A marketplace built specifically for users to buy, sell, or trade metaverse NFTs.


NFT Wallet Solution

We develop NFT wallets for your marketplace on the basis of your needs and preferences.


NFT Smart Contract Services

Expert-led smart contracts provide comprehensive smart contract audits to ensure security.


NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Upgradation

We manage your platform on your behalf while offering expert assistance in keeping it updated.


Marketing Services

Experienced professionals to drive engagement and marketing for your NFT marketplace.

Our Tech Stack for NFT Platform

Every NFT builds on top of a blockchain. It could either be a proprietary blockchain or a public blockchain that allows the development of smart contracts.

Blockchain Platforms







Front End







Amazon S3








Taking Your NFT Marketplace to Success

The NFT market is indeed witnessing a boom. Considering that, you still have a chance to establish your project with a distinct selling proposition and evolve into one of the most significant players on the market. Looking forward to having an NFT marketplace as your business? Do you have a plan? Well, if not, then you must consider pondering these tips we’ve brought to you. 

  • Discovering the Market

    Learn about the market, your competitors, your target audience, the loopholes, the benefits, and the risks. Plan a strategy to mitigate risks, hit the target audience right, and tackle the competition with an edge. That’s how you design a platform that meets customer needs perfectly.

  • Penetrate the Market with an MVP

    Spending all of your budgets in order to get things done in excitement won’t be a smart idea. Irrespective of how perfect you consider your product to be, there are still chances of anything going wrong.

  • Test the Key Functionality

    Prepare a run-time version of your marketplace, launch it, and you’ll have the initial reports and feedback ready to assist you in acting further.

  • Engage a Development Approach to Create Smart Contracts

    While writing smart contracts, each and every possible combination of conditions must be considered as it will decide the failure or success of a smart contract. Run test cases prior to writing codes so that requirements can be verified at the early stages of development, and you won’t have to waste time on re-coding. 

Latest Trends in NFT Marketplace

With the growth in the demand for NFT marketplaces, we have witnessed several trends emerging in this area. New trends in the space pave the way for new opportunities, build trust, and assist NFTs in gaining mainstream adoption. Let’s hop on to the latest trends with respect to NFT marketplaces. 

  • Displaying Art

    Physical artworks are now being represented as NFTs and displayed on NFT marketplaces for trading while eliminating copyright issues.

  • In-Game Assets

    Blockchain-based games have launched their own NFT marketplaces comprising NFT-based in-game assets such as land, weapons, and much more.

  • Celebrity NFT Marketplaces

    Celebrities are launching their own unique tokenized assets for interacting with fans more closely.

  • Ticketing

    NFT marketplaces offer NFT-based tickets for virtual concerts and live events to reduce fraud and allow reselling of NFT tickets at a standard price.

  • Multi-Chain NFT Marketplaces

    These NFT marketplaces are allowing NFTs to possess cross-chain capabilities.

NFT Marketplace as New Revenue Stream

NFTs are surely one of the new growing digital assets in the crypto world. Given that the NFT marketplace is where the NFT creators and investors are purchasing, selling, and staking NFTs, it is the new profitable business model for crypto entrepreneurs. If you plan to create an NFT marketplace, you must look at the possible revenue stream. 

  • Transactions Processing Charge

    TPC or gas charge is a fee that is charged for facilitating the functioning of the main blockchain network for each and every payment that is processed by investors.

  • Listing Charge

    NFT creators develop and list thousands of crypto-collectibles on the NFT marketplace platform, and you will earn a listing fee for every listing.

  • Minting Fee

    As the owner of the NFT marketplace, you will get a minting fee for getting the NFT registered on the blockchain network.

  • Private Sale

    Private sale is when an NFT creator finalizes his sale as private, and the purchasing rights are then restricted only to specific investors. Conducting a private sale of digital collectibles will earn you money.

  • Bidding Charges

    NFT buyers will have to pay a bidding charge to the owner of the NFT marketplace after the bidding successfully for the crypto collectible sold on their platform.

  • Affiliate Program

    As the owner of the NFT marketplace, you will charge a particular fee for conducting bounty programs, airdrops, etc.

Why Choose Our White-label NFT Marketplace Platform ?

Global Blockchain Solution offers industry-leading NFT marketplace services aimed at assisting users in launching an NFT marketplace equipped with a plethora of features on varying blockchain networks. We are here to build cutting-edge NFT marketplaces that enhance the users' trading experience. Wondering why to choose our White Label NFT Marketplace Platform? 

  • Prowess in Blockchain Platforms

    We are market leaders in providing development solutions on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum Avalanche, Stellar, Tezors, EOS, and more.

  • Team of Experts

    Our team is backed by skilled blockchain experts with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of implementing practical and effective innovation approaches.

  • Quick and Elegant Development Process

    Our team of experts follows an agile development strategy in order to ensure on-time delivery of constantly experimented NFT marketplaces. 

  • Project’s Secrecy

    We ensure that all the information related to your project is kept confidential by signing an NDA.

  • Support and Customer Service

    In order to ensure persistent improvement, we conduct ongoing product and platform supervision and optimization, deploy market scenarios and deliver real support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A white-label NFT marketplace provides a digital trading solution for collectors, creators, and traders who are looking forward to monetizing artwork and other collectibles by turning them into NFTs.

The average cost of NFT marketplace development ranges from $50k to $500k, depending on several factors, such as technologies and tools utilized, NFT market niche, and the complexity of the marketplace.

The development of an NFT marketplace might take somewhere around 2-3 months from the initial phase of discovery and would allow you to select an optimal feature set with the most appropriate tech stack.

Yes, in the best-case scenario, NFT marketplaces do bring great revenues. These marketplaces charge minting fees from NFT creators for facilitating the creation of an NFT. There are listing fees involved, too, that the user has to pay to add their NFT to the marketplace for trading those.

You should look out for features such as an easy upload process, chain and wallet support, various selling methods, marketing tool integrations, and storewide management.

The White-label NFT marketplace is responsible for providing a highly secure interface for the users to avoid any kind of intervention of hacking and phishing attacks.

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