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NFTs have ushered in a new era where digital counterfeits are gradually losing ground. Leading artists, businesses, activists, and others - including Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Jack Dorsey, and Edward Snowden alongside others - have already hopped onto the NFT bandwagon. Don’t be late for the party.

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While NFTs are ringing the bell for people all over the world, you need to have the perfect action plan to ensure you or your solution provider give them what they need.

At Global Blockchain Solution, you have seasoned experts with a proven track record in blockchain, law, marketing, project management, finance, and ancillary services. They make sure that your idea doesn’t merely come to life. It emerges as a roaring success in the market.

NFT Development Services


NFT Marketplace Development

We enable you to launch your own NFT Marketplace on any block chain with proper integration and preferred interface.


NFT Storage System

We help you build NFT Storage System, a tool for decentralised storage and management of files on IPFS


NFT Minting Platform Development

With NFT Minting Platform, anyone can mint their own assets such as arts, real estate and other intellectual properties into a Top-level NFT.


NFT Lending Platform Development

Launch an open-source platform for NFT creators to lend, borrow, and exchange NFTs on your preferred blockchain.


NFT Smart Contract Development & Auditing

Our expert NFT developers can provide smart contract development and auditing services.


NFT Exchange Development

Create a peer-to-peer, next-generation trading platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that enables traders to trade any NFTs with anyone.

NFT Token Development for Industries

Art NFTs

Music NFTs

Video NFTs

Digital Content


Collectible Items

Physical Asset Tokenization

Handicrafts or Artifacts

Our Tech Stack for NFT Platform

Every NFT builds on top of a blockchain. It could either be a proprietary blockchain or a public blockchain that allows the development of smart contracts.

Blockchain Platforms







Front End







Amazon S3








Our Proven NFT Development Strategy


Ideation, Validation, Roadmap Creation

We carve out your basic development needs and plan a strategy in accordance with your future goals.



Interactive and catchy UI development services to facilitate a state-of-the-art platform for customers.



Backed by subject matter experts to provide you with the best NFT development services while ensuring your needs are met.


Buy-Sell Logic

Exemplary development of functionalities so that end users can purchase the NFTs hassle-free.



We carve out your basic development needs and plan a strategy in accordance with your future goals.


Smart Contract

We carve out your basic development needs and plan a strategy in accordance with your future goals.



We carve out your basic development needs and plan a strategy in accordance with your future goals.



We carve out your basic development needs and plan a strategy in accordance with your future goals.

Why Choose GBS for your NFT Project

GBS provides blockchain solutions at an industrial level, and we are committed to your growth as a startup. We conduct thorough research and incorporate trending blockchain technologies in our personalised blockchain development services across industries. With us by your side, you can completely depend on us, as we are backed by a skilled team of seasoned professionals and NFT developers with real-world experience.

  • Working exclusively in the blockchain sector, we know how to harness the power of blockchain technology to offer excellent services.

  • GBS ensures that extensive post-delivery services are provided so that all your focus is directed toward the growth and development of your project.

  • Backed by a team of software development experts and we implement the best tech approach.

  • We offer software development solutions that are aimed at serving your target audience the best with smooth and accelerated development and deployment.

What are Fungible and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ?

Fungible tokens or assets are divisible, non-unique, and interchangeable, similar to a $10 bill, as it possesses the same value irrespective of who has it. Non-fungible tokens, on the contrary, are unique, indivisible, non-interchangeable, and irreplaceable. In the case of NFTs, it should be noted that each NFT varies from another NFT, and living on a blockchain, there is verifiable proof that they are one of a kind. To understand the basic differences between Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens, let’s focus on some key pointers.

  • Fungible tokens can work like physical money, while Non-Fungible Tokens have different use cases, such as digital artwork, blockchain gaming, and real estate.

  • Fungible tokens set the standards to allow developers to build applications of varying natures, whereas NFTs can be used to identify a product, service, or person uniquely.

  • Celebrities are launching their own unique tokenized assets for interacting with fans more closely.

  • Examples of Fungible Tokens are USDT, USDC, BUSD, HEX, BNB, and BUSD, whereas the examples of NFTs are BAYC, Crypto Punks, Azuki, Meebits, and others.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization can be considered a process that offers a completely modernised way of digitising ownership rights and conducting business. The blossoming popularity of NFTs has led to the opening up of several new markets and has made blockchain-handled collectibles ownership and other unique assets possible. Basically, tokenization is the conversion of physical or virtual assets into their digital counterparts that can be traded on online marketplaces.

As for some of the key takeaways regarding tokenization, we must note the following:

  • Tokenization involves utilising tokens in order to replace cloud-sensitive data.

  • The process of tokenization allows the owner to fractionize ownership and expose the asset to a broader group of investors.

  • Each token will represent a small chunk of ownership.

  • Tokens are further used to represent physical and digital assets along with being a unit of value in a particular system.

Business Merits of NFTs for Creators

The use cases of NFTs exceed far more than just being a new invention for collectors and speculators, as they provide some fascinating and promising advantages to digital creators. As NFTs’ unique data allows their owners to be verified easily, the creator has the capability to store specific information inside them. Let’s ponder upon the key benefits of NFTs to the creators.

  • NFTs bypass the enormous hassle and upfront investment required to auction, unlike physical collectibles.

  • Digital assets are traded online, making it really easy to tap the global market and utilize the scale of the internet.

  • Digital art comes with royalties, unlike traditional art, meaning the artists will get some share in the further trading of their artwork.

  • NFTs are way easier to create, produce in masses, sell, and distribute for the creators.

Business Merits of NFTs for Buyers and Collectors

NFTs come with a range of new opportunities for artists, and apart from being beneficial to the artists, they are an exciting invention for collectors as well. Digital files are easier to be created, produce, sell, or distribute while being easier to acquire, share, store, and exchange for collectors. Let’s look at some of the crucial benefits of being an NFT buyer or collector.

  • The ownership of NFTs comes with benefits such as value appreciation over time, percentage of royalties, access to certain events, and additional free content.

  • Collectors can trade NFTs with one another, and there are no barriers to entry, no intermediaries, and no galleries.

  • Owning an NFT is like having a club membership, as most collectibles have online communities for members to interact with each other.

  • Individual collectors contribute to the growth of blockchain technology, encouraging governments to adopt it for other socially beneficial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT development services are the services utilized in order to facilitate the launch of software or a platform that enables the creation and sale of blockchain-based NFTs backed by unique digital or physical assets.

GBS serves all kinds of digital assets, such as virtual collectibles, gaming cards, and certificates, and can be tokenized and traded via an NFT marketplace powered by blockchain. Multiple sectors, such as art, gaming, sports, fashion, and music, can benefit from this innovation.

The cost of the NFT marketplace development relies heavily on certain factors, such as the number and complications associated with the features, third-party integrations, the type of blockchain it is being built on, and operating systems.

One of the most crucial parts of building a successful NFT project is setting your initial NFT mint price accurately. If you charge a really high mint price upfront, you risk not selling out your collection, losing your momentum, and losing the support of your collectors.

Several types of blockchain networks can be used in order to build a fully-functioning NFT marketplace, including private, public, consortium, and hybrid blockchain networks.

Making a custom White Lable NFT marketplace will come with plenty of other benefits. You can make an NFT marketplace in accordance with your requirements, possibility to develop the strongest brand identity, and improve the security of a software product.

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